Is SKT Dominance Under Threat? 

source: Is SKT Dominance Under Threat?

In these cutthroat competition days, there is no finish line in every field even though it seems that one is taking the most of the share. Google beat Yahoo, Naver beat Daum communication, and something like that.

Now the government is moving to end SK Telecom’s monopoly, allowing KTF, LG Telecom and a possible fourth wireless operator to access low-frequency bands from 2011, although it bears further watching whether the new licenses will be enough to change the equation.

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) will do his best to end SK Telecom’s monopoly, but I don’t think KCC’s new measures against monopoly will not work out properly. Of course, LG Telecom and KTF will introduce users with several new services including 3G and 4G. But something new service doesn’t always invite new customers. It is like that not a service problem, but a personal preference to the brand. People tend to be remained as he/she is.

And there is another problem. Besides major mobile companies the Korea Cable Television Association (KCTA) said it’s unfair and wouldn’t mean much.

“Reallocating the spectrums to existing carriers wouldn’t mean much, and it would be better to give new carriers the advantage in picking bandwidth to promote competition in the industry and lower consumer rates,” said Seong Ki-hyeon, the KCTA’s secretary general.