Writing Claims for a Patent

Of course, I am not a patent professional, but also a patent lawyer. At most, I am just a professional engineer as of now. I am taking a class about Patent, Power Patenting. The professor, Dr. Kim Jeong Jung, who is a professional patent lawyer at LG Electronincs, is teaching about managing patents as a management. Before I took this class, I thought patents were something that we should prepare for keeping our technologies. But patents are more than simple purpose. As a management, just managing your company’s patents is not enough. Instead, you should be careful from violating any patents from other companies by patent search, and find cases more actively that violate your patents. Based on your poing of view on patents, your patents can be a gold or a paper which waste your money every year.

If you want to learn more about patent, visit the following WIPO site. You can access many contents and download documents. Plus, there are online learning contents.

WIPO site: http://global.ipacademy.net

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