New Naver Main Page Gets Mixed Reaction 

Source: KoreaTimes

naver (NHN corp.) renewed its services and user interfaces. My first impression to renewal Naver is not bad. But I am just wondering that this renewal will be a big jump to Naver. I mean, more earnings.

Are the Internet and the newspaper friends or foes?

This tiresome question has been evoked yet again as Naver (, the country’s most popular Web site, plans to bring dramatic changes to its main page upon the New Year.

Their idea is to provide users with a personalized homepage to check news, e-mail, blog postings, entertainment features and other content all in one place.

Their new design is generating excitement among bloggers, who are now given a bigger and more effective platform to feed their insatiable hunger for hits. However, news organizations, wary of their declining influence in news circulation, can’t seem to agree on whether to welcome or to condemn Naver’s changing of the house rules.

NHN, the company that operates Naver, on Monday unveiled the open beta version of its Web portal’s new main page, which makes its official debut on Jan. 1.

There were some conflict of interests between Naver and major newspaper companies and major web portals, so Naver will go through hard time to keep the ranking and make more money for the time being.